Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

"I believe that when people are in transit their souls are not in their bodies. It takes a couple minutes to catch up. Walking - horseback - that is the speed at which the soul can stay in the body during travel. So airports and subway stations are very similar to hell."

- from Dead Man's Cell Phone, by Sarah Ruhl

Riding a bike may be the most perfect way to travel. Faster than walking, cheaper than driving, taking in the scenery, the wind in your face. What fun!

I bike a lot.

Yesterday I was making a half-bike/half-bus trip across town. (This is so convenient for when your destination isn't exactly on a bus route. Also for when Google Maps wants you to change buses twice - you can usually replace one of the buses with some cycling.)

On this particular trip, I found myself riding behind a real serious cyclist. You know the type. She had the bike shorts, the sports bra, water bottle, helmet, and a fancy, expensive-looking bike. I rode behind her a ways, letting her cut through the wind for me.

Soon we were joined by another fellow on his bike, and we rode a few more blocks. Then another bicycle turned onto the street and, less than a block later, yet another.

The five of us rode together as a pack for several blocks, weaving around each other, alternating who was taking the lead. The people we passed must have thought we were all there together. And I guess they wouldn't have been wrong.

Eventually, one-by-one we turned to go our separate ways. I was the last to break off, leaving Miss Serious Cyclist to carry on alone.

Sorry fellas, this one's mine.

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