Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tales of Suspense and Horror

I've got a few quick stories for you today. An anthology post, if you will.

Laughing Update

After getting hired to play games with old people (amazing) back in June, I stopped calling in to my film extras casting agency. It was just too time consuming and I never got any work out of it.

But just last week, they called me to offer me a gig working two days as a laugher for an upcoming Disney show.

I had to turn it down, because I was busy playing games with old people on the days they needed me. But I was happy that they thought of me. I thought my laughing audition was good, so it's nice to have that feeling validated.

I still don't really know what laughers do.

Labs Rat

I had blood drawn today. The phlebotomist had blood spattered all over his white lab coat. It looked roughly like this:

I thought about telling him that it was unsettling and he should change, but I just let it go.

He was actually weirdly skillful with the needle. I didn't feel a thing.

The Shirt Off My Back

Recently I was at Santa Monica Pier with Sister. I was waiting for Sister to come out of the bathroom, when a young man in a bathing suit approached.

"Can I ask you for a really big favor?"

I just stared at him blankly. I was pretty sure he was going to ask me for money.

"I just bought a ticket for the roller coaster, but they won't let me on without a shirt. Can I borrow your shirt? I'll bring it right back. It's a really long walk back to the car."

Are you kidding me? What a ridiculous thing to ask of a complete stranger. Not to mention the confession that he had a shirt in his car. It's not like his roller coaster ticket was going to expire.

I was going to say no, I really was. But I like having unusual stories to tell, and I knew giving him the shirt would make for a better story. Plus, it was an old shirt.

You can imagine Sister's surprise when she came out of the bathroom to find me sans shirt. I pointed to the roller coaster. "That fat Mexican is wearing it," I explained.

He returned it right after his ride, as promised. What a gentleman.

The shirt was a little moist when I got it back.

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